• CENT-Elap SD107

    CENT-Elap™ offers optimal protection of laptops/tablets with or without detachable parts, such as keyboard or accessories. More and more laptops and tablets are being introduced with detachable parts and CENT-Elap™ is a smart alternative for physical protection and alarming of these types of products.
  • EaseLock B028

    Century’s EaseLock is a universal anti-theft solution for bottles or bottled products. The sleek profile perfectly integrates with various cylindrical bottles or bottled products and ensures stable performance on plastic, glass or metallic surfaces, which offers high security to merchandise and will not damage its appearance.


    Vista Grand is the wider version of Vista, ideal AM Solution for wide aisle protection in fashion stores.
  • RF Deactivator DB212B

    Excellent deactivation reliability
    Easy installation and operation
    One controller connects up to 2 deactivation pads
    Adjustable buzzer volume
  • GF4040H

    Square Standard 40*40mm
    Label Dimensions (W*H): 40*40mm/1.57”1.57”
    Distance Between Labels: 2.5mm/0.098”
    Liner Width (L): 42mm/1.65”
  • DSL+SLS D811

    Dimension: 172X49.5X36.6mm
    Weight: 0.47kgs
    Packing: 43 X 31.5 X 28.5mm,40pcs/ctn, 20kgs/ctn
  • Multi Grip Double Lock T510

    Most of the Multi grip in the market have loose tightening problem little or more, now we develop double-lock multi grip, which can help furth er tighten the lanyard to avoid loose tightening and easy to move.
  • Multi Grip T511 & T090/B

    Technology: 1A, 2A
    Frequency: 8.2 MHz or 58 KHz or 8.2 MHz + 58 KHz
    Lock: Normal or Super
    Dimension: 73mm x 50mm ( 2.9 "x2 ")
    Color: Black or Grey or customized
    Lanyard diameter: 1.2mm or 1.6mm
    Lanyard length: 4 x 900mm or 4 x 1200mm(max)
    Usage environment: Temperature: 0~40℃ (32~104℉),Humidity: 20%~85%
    Battery type: CR2450; Battery life: ≥3 years
    Alarming volume: ≥95dB
    Working condition: LED flashes once and buzzer beeps once;then LED flashes once every 20 seconds
    Low battery indication: LED flashes 10 times continuously while locking
    Stop alarming: Release the lock using the magnetic detacher or tag will stop alarming in 5 minutes by itself.
    Drop testing: 1.5 meters height
    Instantaneous force: 25kg
  • CENTurion 2.0

    CENTurion 2.0 provides the optimal security solution for smartphones and tablets. It features a hidden power cable and a replaceable recoiler, which ensures the high-security protection and a neat display, as well as saves the costs of maintaining and repairing.

  • Multi Use Package

    MW Safers is a brand within Century that provides safers for both round magnet SLS single locking systems and DLS double locking systems. In this range you can find safers that fits different segments. There are also a display selection of Health & Beauty safers called FORTKNOX LUX.
  • Kind Reminder: Century will Take a Holiday Break During the Spring Festival

    Dear Friend, 

    Happy new year to you and your family. Since China's Spring Festival is coming near, We warmly remind you that we will be closed from January 24 to February 4. If there is any emergency, please contact us at info@century-cn.com. Your request will be responded after we resume work on February 5, 2016.

    We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this holiday break. Thank you very much for your understanding and support. 

    Best regards,


  • CENTurion 2.0 Provides You With The Optimal Security Solution

    Century’s newly launched CENTurion 2.0 provides the optimal security display solution for smartphones and tablets. It features a hidden power cable and a replaceable recoiler, which ensures the high-security protection and exquisite store display, as well as saves the costs of maintaining.
  • Century‘s ZipTag for Difficult to Tag Items

    The tag has an IP67 rating for certified protection from water and dust and provides exceptional read range up to 8 meters with 2W fixed and up to 3 meters with 1W handheld readers. The tag measures 60 by 28 by 2.7 mm (2.36” ×1.10" ×0.11 in) and its lanyard lengths can be 300/ 350/ 400 mm or customized.
  • Happy Holidays from Century

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for the cooperation and support over the past year. Century wishes you a prosperous new year. May the warmest wishes and friendly greetings come at Christmas and stay with you all the year.

    Yours sincerely,

    Century RFID
  • Century Newly-launched EaseLock Brings High Security to Bottled Products

    Century’s new EaseLock tag provides a universal anti-theft solution for bottles or bottled products. The sleek profile can perfectly integrate with various cylindrical bottles or bottled products. The adjustable belt makes the tag suitable for bottles whose diameter is between 64-70 mm. With a small buckle, the extra belt can be fixed on the buckle, which improves the shelf display in the stores. The soft silicone rubber on the inner side of belt increases the friction between the tag and the bottle, which helps to lock the bottle tightly and will not damage the product appearance.

  • The New MINI RFID Label is IDEAL for Small Retail Items

    It is always hard for retailers to manage the stock of Small merchandise. Century’s newly launched MINI label is specially designed for use on small retail items in Cosmetics and Health & Beauty. Its small form factor and stable RFID performance provide the optimal solution for dealing with the challenge in inventory management of small merchandise. It reduces time spent on inventory counts and reduces shrink related to small, high-value items that have been difficult to track in the past.
  • Century‘s New Website And New Showroom Are Ready For You!

    Hangzhou China---Oct 18, 2016.


    Recently Hangzhou Century Co., Ltd took the strategical decision to merge Century's EAS and RFID divisions into one division named Business Intelligence Division. This will strengthen Century’s involvement in retail and other industries with the latest EAS and RFID technologies. The new division will provide customers with one-stop intelligent product solutions and better services. In order to support that, the division today launched the new website on http://www.century-cn.com.

  • Road to Value for RFID in Retail: Part One--Selecting the Right Initial Use Case

    More than ever, retailers are reimagining their businesses—the functions their stores provide, the value they bring, and how they operate, driven not only by the rise of omni-channel and the need to respond to competitive threats from Amazon and others, but as well by the possibilities that new technologies create. We are at the beginning of a new era, where the store is a multi-faceted venue with the ability to fulfill orders with the efficiency of a warehouse and capture shoppers’ buying behaviors and personalize as well as websites do, all while providing the experiential and human touches that only a physical store can.
  • The AM and RF Labels for Fresh & Frozen Food Protection

    Do you desperately need labels to prevent your fresh & frozen food from stealing? Have you ever had a thought that there’s one kind of label which could work perfectly in both freezers and microwave? The good news is Century have just launched two desirable EAS labels to make your wishes come true.
  • Newly Launched SAFER for Cosmestics and Health Care Product

    Century’s Easetube series, one of the key product lines of Century’s Safer product, distinguishes itself by its adjustable and flexible in height design which is suitable for various sizes of merchandises and saves customer huge investment in inventory of Safer TM. Both F6558 and F6559 are the latest addition to the Easetube series, which are suitable for different sizes of products. It’s specially designed for cosmetics and health care products from theft while still available for customers to see, touch and feel.
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  • Century -The retail technology leader

    Century serves as a well-known brand in the Retail Industry, and is China’s only listed company in the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Industry. Century also specializes in Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) standardization, as well as the development and services of customized hardware products and industry application solutions. This makes Century a pioneer and leader in the innovation of retail technical support. Century provides retail-related companies the most professional and effective technical support services in the supply chain system. The supply chain system consists of raw material management and process control in factories; traceability management in product distribution; and finally inventory counting, loss prevention and the customer shopping experience in retail stores. Century’s technical support services throughout this process consequently provide strong support to boost sales as well as improve management and marketing of retail companies.

    Century expanded its business to the Medical Care Industry through acquisition and integration in 2015. At present, Century is the leading company in China’s Intelligent Medical Care Industry. Century advocates the idea of “Simple and intelligent medical care”, and is developing an intelligent medical care and health service system for medical institutions; basic health facilities; nursing institutions for the aged as well as for general health management. Century aims to provide real-time medical information for residents and medical facilities; greatly promote China’s medical reform; increase medical benefits and improve national health.