• Find out more about the challenges in the apparel & footwear industry, including our solutions that help to secure merchandise, to support retailers’ challenges in improving “customer experience” and to reduce shrinkage by contributing to establish a well-balanced loss prevention infrastructure.
  • Supermarket and Hypermarket companies are continuously challenged by high volume but narrow margin operations. This extremely dynamic economy environment requires the best adapted loss prevention infrastructure. Learn more about the smart solutions that Century is bringing to this segment.
  • Our accessories and systems’ solutions are dynamically helping to protect diverse types of products in the health & beauty retail segment. We have a long and deep experience in solving complex challenges balancing prevention, security and aesthetic factors, to better fit within such a sensible retail segment.
  • Food and Beverage retailers offer to consumers a wide variety of products that need to be protected in an efficient manner. Century provides the best solution to protect each item, in any characteristics atmosphere such in this case: Food and Drinks stores.
  • Consumer Electronics and Do It Yourself stores do have some very specific characteristics where the combination between the best “customer experience” and the most secure options are key factors to positively differentiate one store from its competitor, in a competitive world. Century provides actual “feel & touch” solutions that efficiently help the retailers’ targets.
  • All businesses are nowadays facing extreme challenges to optimize their logistics processes, from factory to the point of sale, in order to improve the supply chain efficiency at all levels. Century offers a wide range of RFID track and trace tools: consumables such labels and tags up to entire hardware + software adapted solutions.
  • Century RFID solutions are contributing to drastically improve the operational and financial results of healthcare environments sites, hospitals and care centers by identifying and helping the care and administration personnel to inventory and manage the stock and movement of uniforms, bed linen, towels, furniture, IT stuff, pharmaceutical products and to handle patients flow.
  • Century RFID solutions provide the identity, location and authenticity of the objects within hospitality premises, offering the guests the best stay experience and allowing the touristic and accommodation business management to enhance their results.
  • Automated communications in the industrial processes is a key factor to optimize the manufacturing resources of a production company. Century RFID Identification products, systems and accessories are playing a crucial role in manufacturing methods in many local and global enterprises in the world.