• JarGrip Series B027 B029

    Century’s JarGrip Series is specially designed for jarred candles. The design allows customers to open the lid and experience the product that is inside. It upgrades the shopping experience while guaranteeing loss prevention of jarred products.
  • CanGrip Mini 2 T733

    CanGrip Mini 2, which is the bigger version of CanGrip Mini 1, is specially designed for beverage cans. The CanGrip Mini 2 prevents theft and makes it impossible to drink from the can before checkout.
  • EaseCap B031

    EaseCap features exquisite cap-shaped design, which provides one-step protection solution for various beverage bottles. It’s easy to attach to or detach from the bottleneck, which improve work efficiency and reduce labor cost.
    Easy to apply and time saving
    One step only to attach or detach the tag
    High Security protection
    Innovative tamper-resistant and anti-prizing function
    Cap-shaped design avoids drinking before checkout
    One size fits all
    Fit for bottleneck’s diameter is among Φ28mm-31mm
    Optimized shelf display
    Exquisite and compact appearance
  • Super Cable Tag Plus T322


    Super Cable Tag Plus offers high-security solutions for high-end merchandise. The replaceable cable enables retailers to recycle and reuse the tag so as to reduce cost while enhancing store security.


    Key Features:

    Extended working life

    Replaceable cable

    High security

    2A or 3A alarm technology

    Anti-knock and vandal resistant

    Fit well with high-end goods

    Small size plus fashionable appearance

    Not damage the product outlook or shelf display

  • Vista 2.0 Classic and Grand (CA79L/F1 and CA79X/F1)

    Vista 2.0 Classic and Grand (CA79L/F1 and CA79X/F1) are EAS-AM Systems that provide high security solutions for various stores. With streamlined and transparent acrylic design, Vista 2.0 Series is the optimal choice for stores with high requirements for store display.
  • ATENTO 2.0 Classic and Grand (CA78L/F1 and CA78X/F1)

    ATENTO 2.0 Classic and Grand (CA78L/F1 and CA78X/F1) are EAS-AM Systems which match various store designs. With unique on-board electronics within the base cover, ATENTO 2.0 Series provides the most flexible and high quality security solution with at minimum cost.


  • RF Deactivator DB212B

    Excellent deactivation reliability
    Easy installation and operation
    One controller connects up to 2 deactivation pads
    Adjustable buzzer volume
  • GF4040H

    Square Standard 40*40mm
    Label Dimensions (W*H): 40*40mm/1.57”1.57”
    Distance Between Labels: 2.5mm/0.098”
    Liner Width (L): 42mm/1.65”
  • DSL+SLS D811

    Dimension: 172X49.5X36.6mm
    Weight: 0.47kgs
    Packing: 43 X 31.5 X 28.5mm,40pcs/ctn, 20kgs/ctn
  • Multi Grip Double Lock T510

    Most of the Multi grip in the market have loose tightening problem little or more, now we develop double-lock multi grip, which can help furth er tighten the lanyard to avoid loose tightening and easy to move.
  • CanGrip Mini Series saving energy in protecting drinks

    With a variety of canned drinks in store, retailers are often confronted with a loss of canned drinks, or find empty cans on their shelves. Most canned beverages are small-sized, easy to carry and easy to open. This makes it one of the most stolen product types in stores.  

  • Century Launches the Innovative Loss Prevention Solution for Jar Candles or Jarred Products

    Century has newly launched JarGrip Series, which is specially designed for the protection of jar candles protection. As the first loss prevention solution for candles, Century’s JarGrip Series is an innovative solution for the security problems of jar candles in stores.


    Designed with customers in mind, JarGrip Series offers an open top structure which allows them to open the lid, and smell or see the candles. It improves the shopping experience and guarantees to keep the candles securely in store. Apart from Jar Candles, Century’s JarGrip Series is applicable for cylindrical jars (or cans), with a size that fits the JarGrip Series, such as coffee jars, honey jars, etc.

    The JarGrip Series offers two sizes: 88.1 by φ103.5 by 127.5mm and 128.5 by 104 by 127.5mm (H×φ×W). The transparent and open design provides a clean product display and great visibility of the product information and barcode.  


    Would you like to know more about JarGrip Series? Please contact us at info@century-cn.com for product details and prices.


  • ATENTO 2.0 Series Brings you ‘Quality and Cost effectiveness’

    The recently launched ATENTO 2.0 Series is the upgraded version of Century’s ANTENTO Series. This new upgraded EAS-AM Series not only brings you higher performance, but also makes a lower price come true!


    Compared with the previous ATENTO Series, the new ATENTO 2.0 Series has improved detection distance and a robust ABS design, which makes it the ideal AM solution for stores, especially for super- and hypermarkets. It is easy to install and performs at the highest level. ATENTO 2.0 Series also provides customers with up to 9 different models and ensures an excellent detection distance. Customers are able to choose their own installation solutions for their store security protection according to aisle width and desired store displayed image.


    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The upgraded performance and cost effectiveness will certainly surprise you. 

  • Century Launched New EAS-AM System for Fashion Stores

    Century has recently launched new EAS-AM System which can best match fashion stores. Like Century’s other EAS-AM Systems, Vista 2.0 Series features built-in electronics and a robust design. The new EAS-AM System has enhanced its anti-interference capability by an innovative multi-phase alternate pattern, which makes sure the extremely low false alarm rates. Vista 2.0 Series provides customers with up to 9 different models as well as ensures an excellent detection distance. There are two tuning methods: software tuning or remote tuning. Customers are able to choose their own installation solutions for their store security protection according to aisle width and desired store displayed image. The high-grade acrylic makes it the optimal choice for stores like apparel or boutique stores with high requirements for store esthetics. 

  • Century Launches Alarm Tag with Replaceable Cable

    The newly launched Super Cable Tag Plus (T322)  is the upgraded version of Century’s classic Super Cable Tag (T146). It offers high-security solutions for high-end merchandise, such as luxury bags, high-end garments, shoes, sporting equipment, power tools, electronics, etc.

  • Welcome To Join Us in EUROSHOP

    Heading for EUROSHOP Trade Fair this weekend? Wanna learn more about the new retail technology? 

    Then come to join us at Hall7 , Stand D15. We have prepared plenty of products and solutions to show you how RFID work in new retail.

    Be there and be square!

  • RFID reinvents itself and retail with it

    The retail industry stands poised to benefit exponentially from advancements that are spurring a plethora of new applications for already proven radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. On-pitch printing and encoding technology are increasing the accuracy while decreasing the size and cost of RFID tags, and consequently increasing the value of the technology beyond just the supply chain and throughout the entire value chain.

    Item-level tagging is at the core of RFID’s value to the retail industry. Value that is experienced as 100% inventory accuracy, a reduction in the man hours required to track and manage that inventory, a decrease in loss and theft, a simplified checkout experience, increased customer satisfaction and sales, and as a result a rapid and highly measurable return on investment in RFID.

  • Dragon Boat Festival

    Dear Friend, 

    We will be closed from May 28 to 30 for Dragon Boat Festival. Your request will be responded after we resume work on May 31, 2017. If there is any emergency, please contact by E-mail at rfid.info@century-cn.com. 

    We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this holiday break. Thank you very much for your understanding and support. 

    Best regards,

    Century Team

  • Century‘s EaseCap Offers One-step Solution for Beverage Protection

    Retailers are facing big losses caused by beverage stealing or unpaid drinking behavior, especially the losses of high-value wine, alcohol, champagne or drinks. Century’s new EaseCap(B031) is specially designed to solve these problems for retailers.

  • A short Break for Tomb Sweeping Day

    Dear Friend, 

    We will be closed from April 2 to 4 for Tomb Sweeping Day. Please contact by E-mail at info@century-cn.com if you have any emergency. Your request will be responded after we resume work on April 5, 2017.

    We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this holiday break. Thank you very much for your understanding and support. 

    Best regards,
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  • Century -The retail technology leader

    Century serves as a well-known brand in the Retail Industry, and is China’s only listed company in the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Industry. Century also specializes in Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) standardization, as well as the development and services of customized hardware products and industry application solutions. This makes Century a pioneer and leader in the innovation of retail technical support. Century provides retail-related companies the most professional and effective technical support services in the supply chain system. The supply chain system consists of raw material management and process control in factories; traceability management in product distribution; and finally inventory counting, loss prevention and the customer shopping experience in retail stores. Century’s technical support services throughout this process consequently provide strong support to boost sales as well as improve management and marketing of retail companies.

    Century expanded its business to the Medical Care Industry through acquisition and integration in 2015. At present, Century is the leading company in China’s Intelligent Medical Care Industry. Century advocates the idea of “Simple and intelligent medical care”, and is developing an intelligent medical care and health service system for medical institutions; basic health facilities; nursing institutions for the aged as well as for general health management. Century aims to provide real-time medical information for residents and medical facilities; greatly promote China’s medical reform; increase medical benefits and improve national health.