Digital and DIY Stores

Electronics stores stock highly popular and expensive merchandise, as well as in the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) retail sector and in hardware industry, merchants report an increase of retail shrinkage. Electronics, home appliances, media products, batteries, drilling machines, power tools, door locks, etc. are major attraction to thieves in this environment. Century offers protection solutions based on EAS and RFID technologies for electronics, small hand-tools and expensive home appliances, such as the Multi Alarming product solution to pinpoint alarm trends in the stores, Display Security Systems solutions, in order to keep merchandise secured , openly displayed for a more direct and pleasant customer’s products’ interaction. We also provide a wide range of safer boxes, transparent, solid and that match to different sizes, protecting the goods and that you can easily see through, which benefits the customer’s shopping experience. Century does not sell just products, but fully integrated and adapted solutions. Our product range consists of specialized labels, multifunctional tags, safers boxes and intelligent antishoplifting antennas systems, as well as a wide series of RF, AM EAS technologies electronic deactivators and other complimentary accessories.

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