Supply Chain and Logistics

RFID solutions play a crucial role in nowadays Supply Chain and Logistics sectors atmospheres, in today’s dynamic world. RFID brings efficiency across the supply chain and makes it possible to automatically trace and track every product at every stage of the process of its production, supply chain exact location, for tracing the all ride from source to recipient. With automated tracking of every item that is moving in a supply chain, organizations gain a substantially higher level of picturing the components that run within a certain complex business. Consequently no wonder that digital ID technologies have a huge impact on Logistics, from optimizing truck loads and asset management, to speed-up in a controlled manner the supply-chain performance and ultimately to increase the margin and the ROI of a certain industrial activity. Century provides, between other types of layouts, a series of mount on-metal & off-metal RFID tags and labels, increasing the accuracy, extending the reading distances and anti-collision characteristics of our identifying elements, which enhances the visibility and security of the manufacturing and Logistics procedures.