CE39005 BLink Cabel Plus

    The Blink Cable CE39005, a self-alarming UHF EPC Gen 2RFID tag, combined with electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology, offers more security and intelligent tag solutions for retailers. It is designed for use a variety of retail items, such as garments, shoes, sporting goods, appliances or housewares etc.

  • RFID:Up to 5 m(Fixed Reader) Up to 2.5 m(Handheld Reader) EAS
  • Color:Black or Grey or customized
  • Affixing:Hang on and Lock
  • Dimensions:61.2×38.9×17 mm (2.41"×1.53"×0.28")
  • IC:Semi Active|RFID.Up to 5 m(Fixed Reader) Up to 2.5 m(Handheld Reader) EAS.Up to 1 mLock
  • Dimension:61.2×38.9×17 mm (2.41"×1.53"×0.28")
  • Frequency:860~960MHz58KHz,8.2MHz
  • Lock:Standard,Super

    Dimension: 61.2×38.9×17 mm (2.41"×1.53"×0.28")

    Frequency: EAS: 58KHz/8.2MHz   RFID: 860-960MHz

    IC: Semi Active

    Read Range:

    RFID:Up to 5 m(Fixed Reader)  Up to 2.5 m(Handheld Reader)   EAS:Up to 1 m

    Lock: Standard or Super 

    Affixing: Hang on and Lock

    Color: Black or Grey or customized


    Multi-Alarm when damaged and detected by EAS systems

    Provide the most security and intelligent tagging solutions

    Flexible Lanyard enables easy and smart tagging solutions for various items

    Easily attached to a variety of items without damage via a locking pin mechanism, integrates into the lanyard, and does not require any additional fixture accessories.

    RFID plus RF/AM model that supports both RFID and RF/AM technologies

    One tag for two functions, Compatible with existing EAS system

    Read range up to 3 meters when used with a handheld reader

    Meet to most applications in retail for inventory taking, loss prevention, smart display etc.

    Compatible with standard RFID and AM/RF EAS systems

    Works with many RFID solutions

    Reliable and reusable

    Offers the most cost-effective tagging solutions 

    3 years life reusable 

    Use Case

    Garments, shoes, sporting goods, appliances or housewares, etc.

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