CE39004 Alarming Super Cable Tag

    This alarming RFID Cable Tag is designed for high end garments, bags, shoes etc, offers more security and graceful solutions for the displayed merchandise without any damage.

  • Lanyard diameter:1.8mm
  • Color:Black or Grey or customized
  • Affixing:Hang on and Lock
  • Read Range:Up to 5 m(Fixed Reader)/Up to 2.5 m(Handheld Reader)
  • Dimensions:62mm x 34mm x 16.5mm (2.45"x 1.35 "x 0.65 ")
  • IC:Semi Active
  • Dimension:62mm x 34mm x 16.5mm (2.45"x 1.35 "x 0.65 ")
  • Frequency:860~960MHz
  • Lock:Standard,Super

    Dimension: 62mm x 34mm x 16.5mm (2.45"x 1.35 "x 0.65 ")

    Frequency: 860~960MHz

    IC: Semi Active

    Read Range:Up to 5 m(Fixed Reader)

               Up to 2.5 m(Handheld Reader)

    Lock: Standard or Super 

    Affixing: Hang on and Lock

    Color: Black or Grey or customized

    Lanyard diameter: 1.8mm


    • Long read range up to 7 meters for easy deployment

    • Combined with RFID, EAS and alarm technology all in one, offers more cost-effective solutions

    • 2 Alarm functions when damaged and detected by EAS system, more security for loss prevention

    • Fashion design for high –end retail items

    • 3 years life time


    Leather coats, Bags, Shoes Sporting goods, appliance etc

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