CE36072 RFID Lollypop Tag

    It is encased with rough plastic, with the advantage of being durable and reusable. It offers cost-effective tagging solutions for industry customers and enables inventory visibility throughout the supply chain, reducing shrinkage and out-of-stocks.

  • Dimension (mm/in):26.8×73.7×4.5mm (1.06×2.9×0.18in )
  • Operating Humidity:30%-70%
  • Operating Frequency:860-960MHz
  • Dimension (mm/in):26.8×73.7×4.5mm (1.06×2.9×0.18in )
  • Weight per piece:4.8g
  • Read Range(ERP 2W):Fixed.Up to 6 m (19.7 feet) / HHT.Up to 3 m (9.8 feet)
  • Category by Application:Apparel & Retail
  • Operating Temperature:-20℃-60℃
  • Weight per pieces:4.8g
  • Integrated Circuit IC:H3/ H4/ M5/ MR6
  • Protocol:ISO/IEC 18000-6C & EPC global Class 1 Gen 2
  • Attachment:Fix with a Pin or landyard
  • Material:ABS
  • Code No:CE36072


    Ultrathin and fashionable appearance 

    Product is ROHS compliant

    Conforms to “EPC C1G2(ISO 18000-6C)”

    Combined with various EAS tags to realize the combination of RFID and EAS.

    Combined with ordinary clutches to realize the function of RFID and reduce costs.

    This tag can be used separately with lanyard as a reusable hangtag.

    Use Case

    Apparel and retail shrinkage, inventory control and supply chain management

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