CE36074 RFID Whale Tag

    Century's Whale with its combined EAS and RFID dual technology provides excellent read range and compatible detaching systems. It enables inventory visibility throughout the supply chain reducing shrinkage and out-of-stocks for Retail.

  • EPC Memory:96bits
  • Weight per piece:10g
  • Packing Format:Carton
  • IC:Monza R6
  • Size:30.2×64.5×18.7 mm / 1.19×2.54×0.74 in
  • Code:CE36074
  • Read Range(ERP 2W):Fixed.Up to 6 m (19.6 feet) / HHT. Up to 3 m (9.8 feet)
  • Storage Humidity:30%~70%
  • Operating Temperature:-20℃~60℃
  • Protocol:ISO/IEC 18000-6C & EPC global Class 1 Gen 2
  • Attachment:Fix with a Pin or landyard
  • Material:ABS
  • Frequency:860~960MHz


    Compatible with Sensormatic Mechanism detachers

    No need to change the existing mechanism detaching systems

    Far Read range up to 4 meter by handheld reader

    Offers excellent tags solutions support RFID deployment for extensive cases in retail

    Flexible combination to RFID or RFID+RF/AM dual function

    One tag for two functions, Compatible with existing EAS system

    Easy and quick installation with a pin or lanyard pin

    Reliable and reusable

    Offers more cost-effective tagging solutions

    EPC Gen2 Compatible

    Well compatible with standardized systems

    Use Case

    Garments, Shoes,Luggage, Sports goods, Appliances etc.

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