MW Safers is a brand within Century that provides safers for both round magnet SLS single locking systems and DLS double locking systems. In this range you can find safers that fits different segments. There are also a display selection of Health & Beauty safers called FORTKNOX LUX.

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    Product CodeDescriptionFrequency Hook TypeInternal Dimensions
    (HxWxD mm)
    External Dimensions
    (HxWxD mm)
     Carton Quantity (pcs)    
    F703Multi Safer 28 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzH017200x110x85213x117x11215
    F7108Small package Safer new lid58KHz+8.2MHzOriginal Hook200x110x85213x117x11215
    F7105Multi Safer 29 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H054141x106x72157x112.5x9820
    F7107Mini 10 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzH036/H05479x115x2395x120.5x48.248
    F7336Multi Safer 30 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H054125x125x50139.6x131x7632
    F7606Big Box 8 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H054200x150x80214.6x158x10610
    F7675Big Box 9 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H054153x178x127169x185x154.512
    F7776Big Box 10 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H054162x165x165178.5x172x192.412
    F5368Big Box 7 SLS58KHz/8.2MHzH061/H061A264x228x72292x235.2x78.89
    F7109Tall Box 2 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzOriginal Hook298x95x60318x105x9120

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