MW Safers is a brand within Century that provides safers for both round magnet SLS single locking systems and DLS double locking systems. In this range you can find safers that fits different segments. There are also a display selection of Health & Beauty safers called FORTKNOX LUX.

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         Health and Beauty

    Product CodeDescriptionFrequency Hook TypeInternal Dimensions
    (HxWxD mm)
    External Dimensions
    (HxWxD mm)
     Carton Quantity (pcs)    
    F5346Mini 6 SLS58KHz/8.2MHzH091113x106x27138x112x30.660
    F5356Mini 7 SLS58KHz/8.2MHzH091113x106x36138x112x39.645
    F5366Mini 8 SLS58KHz/8.2MHzH061/H061A112.3x105x63.5138x113x67.828
    F5555Mini 9 SLS58KHz/8.2MHzH061/H061A114x99x20133.7x106x20.4117
    F700Multi Safer 17 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzH017/H036/H054225x115x65237x123x9120
    F701Multi Safer 18 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzH017195x65x65207x72x9120
    F7104Multi Safer 20 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H054166x75x58182x84.4x8240
    F7106Multi Safer 21 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H054102x125x70117x131x9634
    F7116Multi Safer 22 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H05483x72x7297x77.5x95.445
    F7126Multi Safer 23 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H054110x72x42124.6x78x67.160
    F7216Multi Safer 24 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H054137x90x62151.6x96.6x8627
    F7226Multi Safer 25 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H054140x72x50154.6x78x72.240
    F7704Multi Safer 26 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H036/H054110x100x100127x105x10516
    F7777Oral-B Electronic Brush Head58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated225x62x40243x66x68
    F503Multi Safer 16 SLS58KHz/8.2MHzH061/H061A238.8x101.6x17.8266.7x109.2x22.944
    F704Multi Safer 19 SLS58KHz+8.2MHzIntegrated H054150x150x50166.5x156.5x76.525
    F600Tube 165 Plastic Conical SLS58KHz/8.2MHz/Φ23x165Φ30x230100
    F600Tube 300 Plastic Conical SLS58KHz/8.2MHz/Φ23x300Φ30x36260
    F601Tube 165 Soft Conical SLS58KHz/8.2MHz/Φ23x165Φ30x230100
    F601Tube 300 Soft Conical SLS58KHz/8.2MHz/Φ23x300Φ30x36260
    F602Tube 165 Plastic Hook SLS58KHz/8.2MHzintegratedΦ23x165Φ30x230100
    F602Tube 300 Plastic Hook SLS58KHz/8.2MHzintegratedΦ23x300Φ30x36260
    F557Multi Safer 32 SLS

    F558Multi Safer 33 SLS


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