R006 Non-Deactivatable

    Optimal for integration in EAS consumables 

    Trusted AM technology used around the world

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    Since R006 cannot be deactivated, it is perfectly suitable to be integrated in other EAS consumables,such as hard tags that are detached from the merchandise before customers exit the store.

    R006 is based on the same technology used in our best-selling AM label R001.

    Product Description

    ·Product No.: R006

    ·Frequency (KHz): 58KHz

    ·Label Length: 45±0.2mm

    ·Label Width: 10.8±0.2mm

    ·Label Thickness (excluding liner): 2.3±0.2mm

    ·Housing: PS

    ·Resonators: 2 proprietary magnetic resonators

    ·Lamination: PET

    ·Bias: Proprietary semi-hard magnetic material

    ·Adhesive: Double-coated adhesive

    ·Release Liner: Silicon-coated paper

    Package Specification

    Labels per Sheet:108 pcs

    Number of Labels per Box:4,000 pcs per case

    Box Weight:5.85kg

    External Volume per Box:0.0061m³

    Case Weight:24.00kg

    External Volume per Case:0.0303m³

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