Not only it is ultra slim but it is transparent enabling the product information to be read through the label where 

    there are limited places for application.

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    • Slim design for smaller products such as cosmetics.

    • Transparent so product information and barcodes canbe scanned through it.

    • Product branding still visible.

    • Increase sales as products are on free display increasing impulse purchase.

    • Labels can be easily applied in store or at source.


    Product No.: GF2065HL

    Label Dimensions (W×H): 20×65mm/0.79"×2.56"

    Distance between labels (D): 2.5mm/0.098"

    Width (L): 33mm/1.3"

    Adhesive: permanent, general purpose

    Frequency (MHz)+/-5%: 8.2 MHz

    Deactivation Field Strength: 0.3~1.5A/m

    Effective Signal Volume(cm³): ≥250

    Q Factor: ≥45

    Package Specification

    External Roll Diameter (ER): 165mm/0.098"

    Inner Core Diameter (IC): 76.2mm/3"

    Face Sheet: BOPP films

    Labels per roll:1K

    Labels per case: 20 K

    Weight roll: 0.528kg

    Weight case: 10.56kg

    External Carton Dimension: 35.5×35.5×19cm

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