High-valued merchandises in small size are very difficult to protect in the market.Century now introduces a RF label named as the“Mini Label”, one of the smallest loss-prevention label that can still provide high-level protection for various items in the market.

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    Product No.: GF2528H

    Label Dimensions (W*H): 25×28mm/0.984"×1.102"

    Distance between labels (D): 2.5mm/0.098"

    Width (L): 59mm/2.32"

    Adhesive: permanent, general purpose

    Frequency (MHz)+/-4%: 8.2 MHz

    Deactivation Field Strength: 0.3~1.5A/m

    Effective Signal Volume(cm³): ≥250

    Q Factor: ≥45

    Package Specification

    External Roll Diameter (ER): 138mm/5.4"

    Inner Core Diameter (IC): 76.2mm/3"

    Face Sheet: Coated paper / Transparent films

    Labels per roll:1K

    Labels per case: 20 K

    Weight roll: 0.33kg

    Weight case: 9.92kg

    External Carton Dimension: 30.5×30.5×27.5cm

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