RS03 AM Label

    Product No.: RS03

    Frequency (KHz): 58KHz

    Label Length: 48.3±0.2mm

    Label Width: 9.8±0.2mm

    Label Thickness: 1.7±0.2mm

    Housing: PVC

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  • Resonators:3 proprietary magnetic resonators
  • Lamination:PET
  • Bias:Proprietary semi-hard magnetic material
  • Adhesive:PET single-coated adhesive
  • Release Liner:No Liner

    Package Specification

    Labels per Sheet:108pcs

    Number of Labeks per Box:5,000pcs per case

    Box Weight:2,925kg

    External Volume per Box:0,0061m³

    Case Weight:23,4kg

    External Volume per Case:0.0464m³

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