B031 EaseCap Tag

    The EaseCap has a slim and transparent design. It provides a one step protection solution for various baverage bottles. It is easy to attach to and detach from the bottleneck, which improves work efficiency and reduces labor costs.

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    Code: B031

    Dimension: 86mmH×29mmW×58mm

    Frequency: 8.2MHz/ 58KHz

    Bottleneck diameter: Φ28mm-31mm

    Color: Light Gray or Customized

    Lock: Super/ Standard


    Easy to apply and time saving
    One step only to attach or detach the tag
    High Security protection
    Innovative tamper-resistant and anti-prizing function
    Cap-shaped design avoids drinking before checkout
    One size fits all
    Fit for bottleneck’s diameter is among Φ28mm-31mm
    Optimized shelf display

    Exquisite and compact appearance

    Available for various beverage bottles whose bottleneck’s diameter is among Φ28mm-31mm 

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