CA36 Venus Classic

    Venus Classic, a member of Century’s RF system, is the standard size of antenna Century provides. It features a transparent acrylic design and stable performance. With the addition of a visitor counter, Venus Classic is the optimal security solution to improve store aesthetics and boost sales while enhancing the security level in your stores.

  • Lamp:Optional(Red/ Green/ Blue)
  • Relative humidity:0 to 85% non-condensing
  • Working voltage:18VAC/24VDC(Mono) 12VDC(Dual)
  • Centre frequency:8.2MHz
  • Current:0.1A@230VAC, 0.2A@120VAC
  • Application:Fashion Stores
  • Power consumption:24W(Mono) 18W(Dual)
  • Alarm volume:0-120dB(Mono)|95dB (Dual)
  • Temperature:0℃ ~ 35℃ (32℉ ~ 95℉)
  • Dimension:1655×353×118mm

    Key Features:

    Compatible with RF Mono or Dual electronic boards

    Save investment in inventory of pedestal

    Unique signal identification and memory functions for Dual;

    Geniune DSP technology for Mono

    Enhance anti-interference and lower false alarm

    Transparent acrylic plate and ABS antenna base

    Free of yellowing and bending

    Bring aesthetic value for stores

    Upgraded robust antenna base design for solid installment

    Optional Function Module:

    Remote maintenance(Mono)

    Visitor counter(Data analysis software available);

    Optional LED in three color;

    Anti-collision bar

    Product Codes:


    Antenna frame without electronics
    CA36-G09Mono RF system
    CA36-G07Dual RF system

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