T146 Multi Alarm Super Cable Tag

    Product code: T146

    Frequency: 8.2MHz/58KHz

    Color: Black/Grey or Customized

    Lock: Standard/Super

    Cable length: 170mm,1500mm,customized

    Alarm volume: 95dB

    Battery life: ≥3 years

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    Super Cable Tag offers high-security solutions for high-end merchandise. The replaceable cable enables retailers to recycle and reuse the tag so as to reduce cost while enhancing store security.


    Key Features:

    Replaceable cable

    Extended working life

    High security

    2A or 3A alarm technology

    Anti-knock and vandal resistant

    Fit well with high-end goods

    Small size plus fashionable appearance

    Not damage the product outlook or shelf display

     Patent pending No. ZL 200720186208.2 


    Luxury bags, High-end garments, Shoes, Sporting equipment, Power tools, Electronics, etc

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