T149 Multi grip Alarm++
    Technology: 3A, 4A
    Frequency: 8.2 MHz or 58 KHz
    Lock: Standard or Super
    Dimension: Φ73mm×50mm (Φ2.9 "x2 ")
    Color: Black or Grey or customized
    Lanyard diameter: 1.2mm or 1.6mm
    Lanyard length: 4×900mm or 4×1200mm (max)

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    Usage environment: Temperature: 0~40℃ (32~104℉), Humidity: 20%~85%

    Battery type: CR2450; Battery life: ≥3 years
    Alarming volume: ≥95dB
    Working condition: LED flashes once and buzzer beeps once; then LED flashes once every 20 seconds.
    Low battery indication: LED flashes 10 times continuously while locking.
    Stop alarming: Release the lock using the magnetic detacher or tag will stop alarming in 5 minutes by itself.
    Drop testing: 1.5 meters height
    Instantaneous force: 25kg


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