Century Introduces RFID Multi Alarm Cable Tag T313-U9 --- High Security Alarm Tag with RFID technology to Identify and Track Merchandises Automatically

Hangzhou, China - (June 21, 2022) - Century, the world's leading supplier of innovative EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products, systems and solutions is now launching RFID Multi Alarm Cable Tag T313-U9, a specially designed multi alarming- tag to help you lose less and sell more.


Century RFID Multi Alarm Cable Tag T313-U9, a high security tag with RFID technology to identify and track merchandises automatically. It protects a wide range of high risk of theft goods, hard and soft goods merchandise, such as garments, bags, shoes etc. Century RFID Multi Alarm Cable Tag offers more protection by the implementation of a special dual lanyard. These tags are a reusable and portable items, they allow open-merchandising easier and minimize sales assistance.



· Automatically identify and track merchandises with RFID technology

· Line-shape LED design, strong deterrent

· Reusable and portable, available for most type of merchandising display

· Dual Lanyard, offers more protection


For more detailed information about RFID Multi Alarm Cable Tag T313-U9, please send an e-mail to our Regional Sales Managers or contact info@century-cn.com.


About Century

Hangzhou Century Co., Ltd was established in November 2003 and listed on Shenzhen (China) Stock Exchange in April 2010 (Stock Short Name: “思创医惠”, Stock Code: 300078.SZ). Century serves as a well-known brand in the Retail Industry, which is the earliest listed company in the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Industry in China. Century also specializes in Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) standardization, as well as the development and services of customized hardware products and industry application solutions. Learn more at www.century-cn.com.

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