Century launches new RFID optical labels for the glasses management

Glasses retailers always confront the problems of managing the inventory of products from the warehouses to the stores. Besides, Inventory counting in the stores is also a time-consuming process. To tackle these problems, Century launches a new RFID Optical label CE33110 (902-928 MHz)/ CE33103 (865-868 MHz) which is specially designed for glasses management. 

It measures 56 by 28 millimeters and uses Impinj Monza R6 chips with a reading range up to 2 meters. The glasses label features a lightweight and small size, which will not affect the excellent shopping experience when customers try the glasses on. With RFID tagged glasses, the retailers can ensure the inventory accuracy and visibility at the store level and throughout the supply chain. It also increases the work efficiency in the stores and reduces the labor cost.

Optical label.jpgOptical label.jpg

Century’s optical label is available now. Please contact us at rfid.info@centurycn.com if you're interested in our new Optical label.

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